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If you don't know what Clotted Cream is - well, it's cream bro. Pure and simple. But cream that's been cooked and baked, and loved and caressed, slowly, for many hours.


The end product is thick, gooey, gloopy, buttery, nutty, slightly sweet cream.

Traditional (and freakin' delicious) on sweet scones with jam, but try it on waffles, or sweet pies, with ice-cream, in sauces for meat, to make risotto ultra creamy. You choose. 

It's Cream Bro...

It's Cream Bro clotted cream is available now from Farro stores in Auckland.

Also now available from Four Square in Matakana

If you're in the Warkworth area, drop me a line, as I'll often have stocks at home for pick up.

It's here Bro...

New Zealand Clotted Cream
Kiwi Cream Tea Cream First or Jam First?
Clotted Cream with golden crust

What's in it?

It's just cream bro - pure, fresh New Zealand cream. That's it. Nothing else. It's the way it's gently baked over many hours that makes it what it is. We fondle it. Caress it. Whisper sweet nothings to it, until it's ready for you to slap on a scone

Its Cream Bro Clotted Cream Label
Clotted Cream Cornish Maid Quote

+64 021 065 0422

Jade River Place, Warkworth, Auckland, New Zealand

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If you're keen to find out more, when and where It's Cream Bro clotted cream will be available, drop us a line. Or tell us what you would do with yours. We'd love to hear from you

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